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Who We Are

We are manifestation of a people trained and equipped to become like Christ in order to bring all of God’s purposes to the finish in the earth.

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Our Commitments

As Kingdom Ambassadors, here on earth to represent the interests of our Father, we:

  • Commit to being faithful ambassadors of heaven and responsible citizens of Nigeria and the globe.
  • Commit to being fit for all of God’s purposes.
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He walks with us

Our Focus

The whole essence of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is to return us to God’s original intent, way beyond the state of man in the garden of Eden.

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Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August, 2018

Faith & Governance:

The Role of the Church in Nation-Building

Have you ever wondered like me why we have so many churches and Christians and our country, Nigeria is still the way it is? Faith and Governance: The Role of the Church in Nation-Building is put together to help provide answers to that question, as The Finishing Church, Abuja marks first year anniversary.

Our seasoned Resource Persons in their presentations will be looking at The Role of the Church in Nation-Building, Christianity and Political Leadership in Nigeria, Christianity and Corruption in Nigeria, etc. This event is aimed at helping us start a new conversation around the role of Christians in the development of our country, Nigeria.

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