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Who We Are

We are the manifestation of a people trained and equipped to become like Christ in order to bring all of God’s purposes to the finish in the earth.

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Our Mission

  • Create an environment where believers would understand and be empowered to fulfill their God-ordained purpose in life.
  • Raise individuals who would seek balance and build every aspect of life according to the blueprint of God.
  • Train and equip individuals to explore their full potentials for the advancement of God’s purpose in the earth.
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Our Core Beliefs

  • Believe in the Bible as the final authority over every aspect of human life.
  • Believe in the totality of all the restored truths over the years as building blocks of the Church.
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Saturday 23rd March, 2019

Emerging Remnants Conference (ERC)

Have you been having an unquenchable thirst for the true word of God that has the transforming power to change you ?

Are you dissatisfied with the display of Christianity that doesn't bear Christ-like fruits?

Are you tired of living in sin and ready drop all of to follow Jesus.?

Have you been seeking for a stronger pull to lift you off excuses that keeps you living lower than God's standards for your life?

Do you think there is more to God than what is displayed out there?

Do you think perfection is attainable?

Do you always feel odd in groups, churches or communities because you believe that there is more?

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