Commit to being faithful ambassadors of heaven and responsible citizens of Nigeria and the globe.

Commit to being fit for all of God’s purposes.

Commit to wholesome teaching and learning of the word of God.

Commit to building every area of our lives in line with the blueprint/design of God.

Commit to seeking to know the heart of God concerning every area of our lives and following through.

Commit to promoting Kingdom values and principles in every sphere of life God has placed us.

Commit to Kingdom family values and building homes/marriages that would validate God.

Commit to obeying all of God’s instructions thoroughly and promptly.

Commit to reaching out and bringing people into the Kingdom of God.

Commit to all the restored truths situated upon the foundation of the apostolic and the prophetic dimension

Ephesians 2:20

Commit to bringing all of God’s purposes to the finish in the earth.

Commit to becoming like Christ.

Commit to making ourselves ready for the return of Jesus Christ.