W360 is an initiative created to build and nurture women to live their lives in a way that pleases God in every way. It’s a call for women to live whole, complete well rounded and balanced lives that honor God.


M360 stands for the complete man as created by God and our tagline is Men After God’s Heart, as we seek to know the heart of the Father for every area of our lives in order for us to be complete in Him.

The Royals - The Finishing Church

The Royals

The Royalz is our Singles Fellowship and The Finishing Church. We believe that as they focus on God and His purpose He makes everything available at His own time. We also teach the truth of God’s word on how they can live their lives according to God’s will and purpose becoming who He has called them to be.

Project Heritage

Project Heritage is The Finishing Church’s kids ministry. We ensure that the truth of God’s word is taught to every child and they becoming who they have been called to be. As they grow, we lead them to Christ and getting to discover the things God has placed inside of them.

Project Heritage - The Finishing Church