Disciplines of the Prophetic (2)

April 12, 2022
Disciplines of the Prophetic (2)

One of the first you get to notice about OUR GOD is His prophetic nature.

Every time there is darkness in a place there has to be a prophetic people that can proclaim His light.

And God saw that the Light is Good.

It could have been bad, there is a quality of light that is required.

What is the Light?

What was that light that God made in the first place?

Before you can build anything or take any direction, light must first be existing.

Light is the glory of God. It is illumination.

What you should be asking the Lord for is Light?

God didn’t create anything until he had that light.

Nothing was created without Him.

Every time you want to experience God’s move, you have to seek for light.

We must be seeking that illumination and that revelation of God, and begin to proclaim it.

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