Identity Code

February 7, 2021

Series: Identity Series

Topic: Identity

Identity Code

Identity is the way an individual is captured or identified.

It is the condition of being the same with something being described.

When you say this who I am, you’re saying you’re the same with something.

Identity Determines Your Purpose

– When you identify something you identify purpose.

– Wrongful identification will affect the purpose of a thing.

Identity Determines Access

Sometimes we can’t access certain places because we don’t know who we are.

When you know who you are, you will be able to function as what you know you are.

We are diplomatic citizens of Heaven. There are certain dimensions we should have access to due to our kingdom citizenship.

Identity Determines Direction

Identity is received not achieved.

No matter the state of the jungle, the lion never eats grass.

Whenever you live below your true self, there will be a conflict within.

You don’t get to tell who you are, God tells you who you are.

Refuse anything outside of God that is defining you.

God thought you through and said you are fit to be here.

You’ll perform that which you were sent to do.

You are a word of God that must be accomplished.

You are an expression of what it looks like when God thinks.

It gives God pleasure when we know our identity.