Implementing Divine Blueprint (3)

February 6, 2022
Implementing Divine Blueprint (3)

When you dream a thing and it manifests in the earth God is revealing a part of Him he wants to see in the earth.

There is spirit that will be poured upon the people that will be able to dream about what is from heaven and they are able to build according to blueprint.

Someone has to do something about Nigeria.

Nothing stays static forever, it either appreciates or depreciates

What should I create today when I wake today to bring your will as it is in heaven?

The blueprint for my life is comprehensive.

A lot of deliberateness was into forming me and the blueprint of my life.

My role in Nigeria and what I have been called to do here.

My life is a system and a comprehensive system.

To be able to build as Noah build I must be able to access the blueprint as Noah did.

It took Noah over 100 years to complete the Ark – the power of consistency.

Don’t abandon ship!

The height is determined by the depth.

What plan has God given that I have been trying to build and nothing is coming out of it?

Make sure what you are building is what God has given me to build.

STAY THERE: Keep digging, Keep building

Because of the assignment God has given us, he wants to hide us for a season.

It’s going to be a total loss when we get accolades from men and God says, get out of my face.

On the day of judgement, God will only approve the things He authorised.

The quality of the life you are building right now is what will secure you in the day of crisis.


The fine details of the Blueprint will be revealed along the way.

There are certain things you won’t know right away until you begin to work in obedience.

There are details of the blueprint you have that is from obedience.

After knowing the WHAT! The HOW and the WHEN we try to figure it out by ourselves.

There is a HOW for EVERYTHING!

If you want double promotion, you must add value to YOURSELF!

What are the knowledge gap, what are the skills that is required.

Things don’t just happen. God is a God of process and order.