Navigating Renewal: The Technology of Newness

July 13, 2021
Navigating Renewal: The Technology of Newness

Renewal is a new thinking system. This is not the time to be blinded by religion.

The Kingdom of God is growing and expanding within us. Your life should not be stagnated if the Kingdom of God is within you.

If the Kingdom of God is within you that means you are forcefully advancing.

If there is any area of your life that is not forcefully advancing it means you have not fully submitted it to God.

Our lives must reflect the nature and character of God.

If God is asking you to be better it means He wants you to be better in every area of your life. And He is bringing you to a higher dimension of who He has called you to be.

Look into the structures of your life and ask God where He will want you to step up.

This is not a time for shallowness and emptiness.

In a time of newness, old-ness becomes ground for the devil to accuse you.

Renewal is a new thinking system. You have to change the way you think.

Renewal leads to new capabilities – old capabilities is not sufficient for this season.

The Technology of Newness

1. Death is the pathway to new life: to come to newness, the old must expire. You have to be renewed so that Jesus can be glorified in your life. This is not just about changing behavior. Newness is letting go of the old and obsolete. If you don’t let go of the old, you won’t be able to come into the new.

Heaven is not our reward, becoming like Christ is our ultimate reward.

If you want to finish strong, check what you do everyday.

You cannot be in the company of unbelievers and expect to be righteous.

If you neglect the structures that will make you become new, you cannot become new.

2. Complete termination of formal energy: Old Energy will make you dysfunctional in the new season. We have to walk in determination to be consistent.

Old Energy refers to the part of you that wants to react and quickly do or say something that comes to your mind. What if God does not want you say it or bring that thing to the person’s attention?


What does God want to kill in my life that I am still holding on to?

What is old and dead in your life that is stinking? Write out those negative energies in your life..