Purity is a Weapon

January 13, 2022

Series: Purity

Purity is a Weapon

The emphasis of reformation is purity and holiness.

Transformation is an internal alignment in my heart.

We want another excitement and another move of God.

What God wants to do in any nation will not be done apart from us.

God established that we are co-creators with Him when He gave Adam the ability to name the animals.

God is calling us back to alignment.

There cannot be alignment without reformation.

We cannot arise and shine if we have not been purified.

If we don’t align with God is saying in this season and the emphasis in this season. Things will get worse.

The issue of internal alignment with the heart of the Father is connected to what we want to see happen in our lives.

We are in a season when people are actively living in sin and actively in church.

How can I be rightly aligned with the heart of the Father?

God wants to move through us, He wants to move through the portal of my life.

We want justice to prevail in our nation, we want equity to prevail in our nation but I must live by those principles.

For every evil, there is an human agent, and for every good there has to be an human component.

Good will not happen apart from good people.

We have to commit to God.

What is driving you to do the right things?

Tell the truth, live with integrity and be godly.

Ephesians 6:11-17 (AMP)

Peter had a bad day while Judas had a bad heart.

Purity is not weakness, it is strength and keep working on it.

Having a Pure Heart

What God wants done in us and through us must come from a pure heart.

Accuracy in purity.

Untainted, unblemished, spotless.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Accurate positions concerning events in our lives and in our nation.

What am you willing to let go of so that you can advance the purposes of God on the earth?

The reason we struggle with impurities in our life is because it benefits us in some way.

Deliberately reflect on the things you find pleasurable.

Set your affections on things that are above.