The Kingdom Mandate (Recap)

April 24, 2022
The Kingdom Mandate (Recap)

The Kingdom of God must find expression through the portals of my life.

It is easy to go to heaven but it is harder to bring heaven to earth.

The coming of the Lord, even if it surprises the world will not surprise us.

His Coming In Us is ahead of His Coming for Us.

The reason His ultimate coming will not surprise you is because He is coming in us.

Because He is already in us and when He eventually appears we will know.

The emphasis in the heart of the Father is becoming like Christ.

Any spiritual engagement, experiences that are making you become like Christ is not valid.

If you are not becoming like Christ, your journey in God is not valid.

Only those who have been receiving are those that will see Him and recognise Him.

The coming of the Lord is not going to be an event, it’s a process.

His ultimate return will be determined by the fulness of His coming in Us.

When His bride is looking like Him. If His bride does not live like Him, He won’t come.

Purity, Righteousness, Holiness are the emphasis in the heart of the Father.

The proof of the validity of our work with God in the last days is in how much of Him we become.

The measure of the dominion of God in the earth is determined by the measure of the dominion of God in our lives.

The measure of God in the city is determined by the measure of God in the believers in that city.

Everything is about the measure of God.

The light is the result of the life.

Without the life of God, there will be no life of God.

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There is so much darkness because there is very little light of God.

You can’t carry the light of God and your environment will not feel it.