Testimonies — Faith Essien

Testimonies — Faith Essien

Meeting this family is not only a blessing but this is an excellent example of “God building His church and the gates of hell can’t prevail against it”. It had nothing to do with human hands, He himself ordained it and built strong walls around it.

We yearned for more of God as we were constantly dissatisfied in our places of worship until God led us through this awesome family to the @finishingchurch, a family built for such a season as this.

Our lives haven’t been the same since we encountered this God-ordained home @finishingchurch and oh, my sister, my sister @ladykemsz God has made a connection stronger than blood by his will and for His will. Lives that make one hunger for God see God and feel God.

We’re not in search for the hands of God but are deeply seeking Him beyond fleshly desires to bring His purpose to the finish. Not finding purpose to be relevant but following God’s exact pattern to bring His will down on earth.

My prayer today is that everyone who sincerely desires to meet God will meet those who will take them further in Him just like the days of Peter and Cornelius.

God bless you pastor @fredor4c your life is simply an example in humility, sacrifice, and Godly knowledge. God bless you richly for answering the call.

 This message was originally posted on Instagram.

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